Crafts 3.0 Portugal Meetin

Hosted by CEARTE in January 2020, the meeting allowed the partners to review the pilot phase carried out and the steps to finalise the next intellectual outputs: the Set of Mobile Learning Apps (IO5) and the Guide for Validation, Certification and Ac-creditation (IO6). 

Primarily, partners expectations around the final steps required for the project and clarify the digital tools in order to proceed to final piloting phases. Partners expectations appear to have been comprehensively met during the meeting. One participant noted however that there had been delays and that this had resulted in postponement of original piloting dates.

Overall, the fifth meeting for the Crafts 3.0 project appears to have been successful. Although perhaps less so than previous meetings. All respondents provided positive answers in relation to the meeting in a general sense, in relation to the organisation and running of the meeting and in relation to the division of tasks post-meeting.

Partners noted that the coordinators were aware of the key decisions to be made and that partners collaborated and contributed to ensure that these were addressed.

Partners were positive about the meeting itself and noted that the project meeting agenda/ structure was identified as being clear & effective, that it addressed all the most important elements and that sufficient time and resources had been allocated to the items in the project meeting agenda.