Crafts 3.0 Romanian Meeting

Hosted by Transylvania Trust Foundation in April 2019. This Training Activity allowed the partners to share the final version of the European ECVET Curriculum (IO1) and the Training Modules (IO2), as well as the beta version of the Mobile Instructional Learning App (IO3) and the Multilingual eLearning Platform (IO4).

The meeting offered an exciting opportunity for partners as they were presented with initial iterations of the E-learning platform and mobile instructional learning app. These represent innovative developments for the project, which will ultimately be piloted and implemented by target audience members

The partners also took part on practical workshops to make them familiar with the approach for the pilot phases, especially regarding the technological outputs. Furthermore, the partners agreed on a common approach to carry out the Guide for Validation, Certification and Accreditation (IO6), and made a Study visit to Banffy Castle which restoration works are managed by Tran-ylvania Trust Foundation.

According to evaluation conducted by INQS, partners expectations around the project meeting related to agreeing next steps for the project, gaining an understanding of the app and e-learning platform and agree on steps around these. Partners expectations appear to have been met during the meeting albeit it was noted that additional steps were required around piloting and guidelines for using the tools. Overall, the meeting appears to have been successful. All respondents provided positive answers in relation to the meeting in a general sense, in relation to the organisation and running of the meeting and in relation to the division of tasks post-meeting.