Crafts 3.0 Third Meeting

Hosted by DANMAR in October 2018. The meeting was aimed at re-viewing the beta version of the Training Modules (IO.2) and the Mul-tilingual e-Learning Platform (IO.4), presenting the work plan for the Mobile Instructional Learning APP (IO.3), as well as carrying out the internal evaluation of the first year of the project progress 

The meeting was highly useful as the project progresses towards offering a range of digital tools. In particular, an e-learning platform and a mobile App generator to support handicrafts teachers in innovating their teaching offerings.

According to evaluation conducted by INQS, partners expectations around the project meeting related to agreeing next steps for the project and completing any outstanding elements related to the curriculum. Partners expectations appear to have been comprehensively met during the meeting. Respondents noted that it had been difficult to do so, but that the session was productive and collaborative. Overall, partners appear to have been very satisfied with the meeting in question and the project is progressing well.


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