Developing digital competencies and innovative solutions to support e-mentoring for unemployed young people

Target users
Mentors and youth-serving organizations

Target beneficiaries
Young people

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Mentoring describes various formal or informal programs and relationships aimed to build a helping relationship between a younger person and an unrelated more experienced person who can increase the capacity of the young person to connect with positive social and economic networks to improve their life chances. Mentors provide ongoing guidance, instruction and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the protégé.

Unemployed young people face serious economic obstacles and are less motivated to actively participate in civic or social processes in communities they live in. In this regard, MENTORING plays an important role to promote active participation of unemployed young people in their communities, helping them:

  • to become more employable,
  • to realize potential benefits for overcoming of personal economic difficulties, and
  • bringing them practical benefits for personal development and strengthening of ties with various actors in their communities.

“E-mentoring” is a useful approach to move the work of mentors into the virtual world, and supplement and augment face-to-face interactions by means of blended approaches. E-mentoring uses synchronous and asynchronous computer-mediated communication to establish mentor protégé relationships by creating virtual support. According to recent researches addressing the efficacy of structured e-mentoring programs, e-mentoring increases motivation and provides psychosocial benefits such as self-esteem enhancement, confidence building, and support for risk-taking that protégés gain from successful mentoring relationships.

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Aims of the project

Support the adaptation of mentors to the new digital environment, by means of increasing the capacity and readiness of youth-serving organizations to manage an effective shift towards digital education and training.

Upskill digital competences of mentors and youth-serving organizations and their expertise in the use of digital tools to support unemployed young people.

Design, test, adapt and apply new methodologies and ICT-based tools to train mentors and youth-serving organizations in the use of innovative solutions to support e-mentoring.

Project partners

Innoquality Systems is project partner responsible for content elaboration and internal evaluator of this project. Furthermore the following partners are part of the consortium:

  • Stiftelsen Mangfold i arbeidslivet (MiA)
  • Instituto para el fomento del desarrollo y la formación (Infodef)
  • Mindshift Talent Advisory
  • Research and education of social empowerment and transformation (RESET)
  • Asocación La Bien Pagá Espacio Escénico
  • Institouto Ergasias Kyprou Pagkyprias Ergatikis Omospondias Idryma