March 13, 2018



Erasmus+ KA2 Project Adult Education



The ARTIVATE project AIMS to foster the implementation of ART THERAPY BASED PSYCHOEDUCATION to support the participation of adults with Learning Disabilities in Adult Education.

INQS is currently working on the ARTIVATE project with 6 partners based in Spain, France, Poland, Portugal, and Greece, to create innovative products focused on Art Therapy-based Psychoeducation to support the participation of Adults with Learning Difficulties in Adult Education.

The ARTIVATE project partners will co-design, develop and test innovative methods and digital solutions with the following set of intellectual outputs:

  • IO1 Matrix of Competencies on Art Therapy-Based Psychoeducation to overcome Adults’ Learning Disabilities.
  • IO2 ARTIVATE Online Campus, a new ICT-based educative tool focused on overcoming Learning Disabilities in Adult Education through Art Therapy Based Psychoeducation, and
  • IO3 ARTIVATE Practical Activities Set, a series of tools, methods, and exercises on Art Therapy-Based Psychoeducation.