2022 - 2025

KA220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in adult education

Family Care

Family Care – Supporting the validation of competencies acquired by Family Caregivers in non-formal and informal learning through digital badges and micro-credentials

The Family Care project aims to to support adult education teachers, counsellors and guidance professionals working with Family Caregivers to promote Family Caregivers re-entering of the labour market by enhancing the visibility and appeal of the competences acquired during their family caregiving role, thus promoting the recognition of their informal and non-formal learning acquired in this role.
The resources and tools created for the Family Care project will support adult education teachers, counsellors and guidance professionals by providing a blended-learning training course, and resources and tools to help them support Family Caregivers with:
1/ the identification, screening and documentation (digital badges & micro-credentials) of Family Caregivers’ competences
2/ the design of a tailor-made learning offer
3/ the development of effective outreach, guidance and motivation strategies
4/ the delivery of digital mentoring
5/ the building of self-esteem and confidence
The resources and tools we are co-creating, along with 7 consortium partners, are as follows:

1/ European Framework of Competences in Digital Validation of Competences for Family Caregivers – the curriculum outlining the learning units and learning outcomes of the training course.

2/ Family Care Virtual Campus – Online training course for adult education teachers, counsellors and guidance professionals working with Family Caregivers.

3/ Mobile Assessment App on Digital Competences for Family Caregivers.

4/ Guidelines and Recommendations on digital validation on competences for Family Caregivers.
If you would like further information about the Family Care project, please get in touch!