2020 - 2022

Erasmus+ KA2 Project Adult Education

Silver Up

Digital solutions to support mentoring in social innovation for senior entrepreneurs through Adult Education

European countries are struggling to find ways to tackle the demographic consequences of the aging workforce. Political strategies (Europe 2020 strategy, European Year for Active Aging) promote longer working careers and the increase of participation of older individuals in gainful employment. In this context, Senior Entrepreneurship seems to represent an unrevealed potential for economic prosperity for older age.

Adult Education (AE) can play a key role to make it real. Nevertheless, older adults aged 55-64 are three times less likely to participate in learning than younger adults aged 25-34 (Education and Training Monitor 2019, EC). Effectively confronting the barriers to participation in AE requires engaging senior learners in getting access to the appropriate reskilling opportunities. Empowering them with the appropriate tools, resources, and motivation, is a complex and urgent challenge that requires strong and proactive multi-stakeholder partnerships (Renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning, EC).

The aim of the SILVER UP project is to address these identified areas of intervention by co-creating digital solutions and innovative products to train senior mentors to support social innovation for senior entrepreneurs through AE. Seniors will be supported in developing valuable mentoring skills to support new senior entrepreneurs or freelancers to develop more sustainable businesses through social innovation. The seniors who receive mentoring will gain clarity regarding their own personal expertise and potential for developing sustainable businesses.

Innoquality Systems is working together with partners in France, Spain, Portugal, and Turkey to develop the following project outputs which will be available as a free, open educational resource:

– Competence Framework in Mentoring skills to support social innovation for senior entrepreneurs (IO1)

– Online Open Learning Platform (IO2) with high-quality digital tools to upskill senior mentors in the Competence Framework

– Methodological Framework for the implementation of Mentoring programmes to support Social Innovation for Senior Entrepreneurs (IO3)