“If we are to live together in peace, we moste come to know each other better.”

Lyndon B. Johnson

The INTREP project recognizes the pressing requirement of imparting the younger and forthcoming cohorts with the necessary knowledge, abilities, expertise, and resources to engage in cross-cultural, cross-religious, and cross-border interaction, communication, and collaboration, and to develop into conscientious global inhabitants in a safer world. The domain of youth work can play a crucial role in accomplishing this objective.

Target users
Adult and community educators and teachers as well as the organizations catering them

Target beneficiaries
Adult learners from intercultural and interfaith communities as final beneficiaries

The aims of the project

  • Promote social inclusion and diversity in intercultural and interreligious communities through Adult Community Education (ACE)
  • Support adult and community teachers and educators to foster social innovation and entrepreneurship in these communities, accessing tools and methods for professionalization and professional development
  • Apply the Adult Community Education (ACE) approach encouraging intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and peer and collaborative learning
  • Design, test, adapt and apply new methodologies and ICT-based tools to train adult and community teachers and educators to co-create online courses on social innovation and entrepreneurship and tailor-made Mobile Learning Activities to be used by adult students in intercultural and interreligious communities.

Results of the project

  • Training curriculum in social innovation and entrepreneurship in intercultural and interreligious contexts through ACE.
  • Learning Units Plan of learning experiences, activities, and learning types addressed to adults, community teachers, and educators.
  • Learning Campus, an ICT-based educative instrument to upskill Adult and community teachers and educators, allowing them to create their own e-learning courses.
  • Instructional Web App, an innovative ICT-based tool for adult and community teachers and educators, allowing them to develop customized online Learning Activities.
  • Recommendations for skills validation, certification, and accreditation on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Intercultural and Interreligious contexts.

Project partners

Innoquality Systems is project partner responsible for content elaboration and internal evaluator of this project. Furthermore the following partners are part of the consortium:

  • Coordinator – Le Monde des Possibles | Belgium
  • Institute for the Promotion of Development and Training (INFODEF) | Spain
  • Asociación La Bien Pagá Espacio Escénico (LBP) | Spain
  • KIST Consult | Austria
  • Government of Istanbul – Istanbul Valiligi (GOI) | Türkiye
  • Iasis | Greece
  • Center for promoting lifelong learning (CPIP) | Romania
  • Innoquality Systems | Ireland