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We provide program and policy services designed to enable positive student and teacher outcomes

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    We understand the educational priorities

    InnoQuality Systems (INQS) provides program and policy services designed to enable positive student and teacher outcomes in early childhood, primary, postsecondary, VET and adult education. We support learning across a lifetime. From early care for infants and toddlers through college and workforce training, our innovative approaches and methodologies address critical questions and improve the quality of educational programs. Our professional expertise and work has built a portfolio of evidence-based solutions that can be applied to new challenges as the education landscape continues to evolve.

    We understand the educational priorities of local, national and European stakeholders, philanthropic organizations, and nonprofits. Our highly nuanced and specialized support is strengthened by close working relationships with key people in the field. Our agile approach allows for timely, often immediate, assistance to our clients, and our online and presence support brings local context to our customized services.



    Designed to improve quality, drive outcomes, and increase accountability

    InnoQuality Systems’s education services make real improvements and demonstrate quantifiable results. Our roster of successful projects spans community-based organizations to national initiatives.

    InnoQuality Systems’s program evaluations provide real-time input on implementation and key insights around outcomes, combining state-of-the-art methodologies with a deep understanding of the education challenges faced by countries globally to give clients the insights they need to turn research into practice, driving improved efficacy and sustainability of educational programs nationwide.

    Curriculum Management Software (CMS)

    recognising the importance of managing the curriculum efficiently and ensuring its place is at the centre of the academic institution.

    web based curriculum management solutions

    that ensure Education Institutions can better manage the development, editing, approval, capture, publication and delivery of all aspects of module and programme development.


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