2022 - 2024

Erasmus + KA220-SCH - Cooperation partnerships in school education


YAMH Youth Mental Health Promotion and Protection at School

Innoquality Systems is delighted to be working on the Erasmus + YAMH Project which aims to support School Teachers and Youth Workers to promote and protect Mental Health at school.

As covered by the World Health Organisation (WHO): Wellbeing and a positive mental health status are key aspects for every human.

The Consortium will work together to design and co-create new tools and methods to promote and protect youth mental health and well-being following the innovative life-skills approach. The approach, as guided by the World Health Organisation to support Youth Mental Health, addresses the need to build the required competences for human development and to adopt positive behaviours that will enable adolescents to deal effectively with the challenges of everyday life.

The YAMH Project partners from KINONIKES SINETERISTIKES DRASTIRIOTITES EFPATHON OMADON, Greece,  INSTITUTO PARA EL FOMENTO DEL DESARROLLO Y LA FORMACION SL (INFODEF), Spain, ISTANBUL VALILIGI, Turkey, IASIS, Greece, Asociación La Bien Pagá Espacio Escénico, Spain, GENIKO LYKEIO ANO LIOSION, Greece and Innoquality Systems, Ireland, will work together to produce:

– A structured set of competencies based on EU standards and methods in Youth Mental Health (YMH) promotion and protection at School through life-skills approach (PR1 YAMH ECVET Training Curriculum).

– An ICT-based educative instrument to upskill school teachers and youth workers in YMH promotion and protection, including an Online Digital Database, Theoretical and Pedagogical Basis and a Blended learning course (PR2 Online Platform)

– A set of policy recommendations to facilitate transferability and replicability of the project results in intermediaries and organisations working in the area (PR3 Guidelines and Recommendations).