A Step Forward in Digital Education for Adults

Reflecting on the “Mind the Gap” Project Meeting in Dublin

On October 13th, 2022, the “Mind the Gap” project team gathered in the our hometown Dublin for a transnational partner meeting. Held at the stylish Ace Room of the Iconic Offices within The Merrion Building, the meeting marked a significant stride in our ongoing efforts to bridge the digital divide between digital migrants and natives.

The day’s agenda was rich and comprehensive, beginning with a warm welcome to all partners by Innoquality Systems (INQS), setting the tone for a collaborative and productive session.

The morning sessions delved into the core of the project, with an overview of the Training Curriculum for digital migrants, shedding light on the educational pathways being carved out for digital literacy. This was followed by an in-depth discussion led by SILVERSAP (FR) about the E-learning platform, which is poised to offer cutting-edge digital education modules tailored for digital migrants. This platform is not just about learning; it’s a transformative tool designed to navigate the challenges of adult learning in the digital era.

After a refreshing coffee break, the focus shifted to the constructive review of the practical guidelines for overcoming the challenges in adult learning, an essential component presented by BEYKOZ (TR) for ensuring the effectiveness of our educational strategies.

The afternoon was equally dynamic, featuring critical evaluations of the online surveys and the production process of webinars and instructional videos. These tools are envisioned as navigational beacons guiding digital migrants through the complexities of the virtual world.

As the meeting progressed, dissemination activities were reported, highlighting the project’s reach and impact. This was seamlessly followed by a meticulous overview of project management, where administrative and financial issues were addressed, ensuring the project’s robust and transparent progression.

Quality and evaluation were not amiss, with INQS leading a pivotal session that scrutinized the quality considerations and evaluated the day’s proceedings, an essential practice to ensure that every step we take is measured and leads us in the right direction.

The meeting concluded with a comprehensive summary of decisions and the drafting of a “To Do List”, setting the stage for the next online/transnational meeting. These discussions and conclusions are vital in steering the project towards its ultimate goal of fostering an inclusive digital environment for all.

The day was capped off with a delightful social dinner at The Winding Stair, allowing for informal exchanges and the strengthening of our partnership bonds.

As we reflect on this productive meeting, we at Innoquality Systems are reminded of the importance of collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of educational excellence in the digital age. We remain committed to “minding the gap” and look forward to the continued success of this transformative project.

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