An end to Touristic

The Touristic project has now (sadly) come to a conclusion.

The project had intended to support Skills Audits in adult education through innovative digital tools and products to make available skills identification and screening, including the validation of skills acquired through informal and nThe Touristic Project began in September 2019 with an aim of finding new and innovative answers to all challenges by upskilling disabled people in Digital Skills applied to the design of innovative commercial services and products in Online Accessible Tourism, creating new skills pathways and labour opportunities for disabled people in Europe, supporting ICT-based teaching and assessment practices and promoting the transparency, validation and recognition of skills and competences acquired through OER.

To this end, the project has developed a wide range of resources, including:

Innoquality Systems would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the Touristic partners – including partners from Spain, Turkey, Ireland, Portugal and Slovenia – and in particular the project coordinators IEKEP – for their enthusiastic and hugely enjoyable work on the project. The results are hugely practical, innovative and ultimately will speak for themselves.

You can learn more about the project and its results at