Assess Plus Project Update

As part of the ongoing Assess Plus project, work is ongoing into the development of O3 – a “practical and innovative ICT-based tool designed to to evaluate competences on Skills Audits in Adult Education included in the European Framework of Reference.”

To date, INQS has undertaken a wide range of research and examinations into the potential approaches to such an app with a view to supporting the user experience and to develop a resource which will be of use to the target audience, to project beneficiaries and to stakeholders.

As part of the project development, partners have been working hard on developing learning material for the Assess Plus Virtual Canvas. INQS has been re-developing material around legal frameworks for Skills Audits, some of which is outlined below

In the same way that there is no single, definitive European legal framework for skills audits in all EU countries, there is no single legal framework dictating legal requirements for conducting skills audits across multiple sectors – or even across 1 sector in multiple countries – which can ensure that you have the most up-to-date data relating to the area of skills audits within your own sector.

It is important to be aware of what manner of skills audit you are aiming to provide or facilitate so that you can be fully aware of where you may seek relevant information on legal frameworks or policies. Be aware also that you may need to look at your own sector – legal frameworks, professional body requirements, etc. – to see what manner of regulations surround skills audits in your specific area. There may also be legal or regulatory requirements or processes within your own organisation which you may be expected to follow.

Be aware also that you may need to look to your own sector – including legal frameworks within that, professional body requirements, etc/ – to see what manner of regulations surround skills audits in your area.

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