Assess Plus Project Update – Nov 2020

Within the Assess Plus project, work is ongoing into the development of content for ASSESS PLUS Virtual Campus (IO2). This process will create a structured set of innovative Training contents and Practical Activites on Skills Audits in Adult Education, developed on the basis of the European Framework of Competences (IO1).

INQS is responsible for learning unit 1, which outlines Knowing and applying the legislative framework and background of skills audit and which focuses on:


  • Describe the laws regulating skills audit in his/her own country / sector


  • Applying the legislative framework of skills auditing;
  • Describe the laws regulating skills auditing;
  • Observe legal regulations relevant for implementing skills audit;
  • Select the useful documents to set up skills audit;
  • Use computer programs to build databases with relevant information to design skills audit programmes;
  • Prepare contractual arrangements with potential users;

Responsibility & Autonomy

  • Find information on the national and the European educational systems;
  • Organize the documents and collected information inside an updatable database

As part of this process, we can share some of the draft content for this output here. The below outlines an overview of the status of laws regulating skills audits across Europe

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Certain European countries such as Ireland and Greece do not have a legal framework for facilitating skills audits, but may have sector-specific policies designed to support effective skills audits. This means that if one was looking to implement a skills audit in these countries, there may be no legal requirements, but there may be an expectation to understand or support certain standards in conducting one. In countries such as France, a skills audit – or “bilan de compétences” – is seen as a universal right available for every individual regardless of his/her situation vis a vis the labour market and can only be provided by an accredited provider. This means that if one was looking to implement a skills audit on behalf of a company in France, it must be provided by a neutral organisation from outside of the company. As there is no sure-fire agreement on what laws surround a skills audit in a specific country and/ or sector, it is important to attempt to ensure that you are aware of where you can go to find this information and to regularly check to ensure that your processes and approaches are within the remit of your county or sector.

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