e-Mentoring Project Update – Partner meeting in Oslo

Highlights from Our Oslo Meeting: Education, Mentoring, and More

On the sunny morning of October 10th, 2023, project partners from Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, Norway, and Ireland converged at Sentralen, SoCentral in Oslo (Have a look how nice the place is!). The meeting promised exciting developments in education, mentoring, and more. Here’s an overview of the agenda and the vital discussions that unfolded.

Discussing the project progress and contents

First of all, MiA extended a warm welcome, and the day began with coffee and tea, setting the stage for a productive session. With the agenda set, we were ready to dive into the day’s discussions.

Revamping Project Result 1: the Training Curriculum

While the Training Curriculum had already undergone revisions by the partners, translations were in progress. This meeting provided a valuable opportunity to revisit the document, particularly as we approach the piloting phase.

Reimagining E-Mentoring

INFODEF introduced us to Project Result 2: the “E-Mentoring Online Platform of Open Educational Resources.” This session allowed for an in-depth exploration, with a focus on streamlining the registration process to make it more accessible for all stakeholders.

Guidelines and Recommendations: Empowering the Next Generation

Our discussions then delved into the implementation of our products, particularly with the mentors for unemployed youth in mind. RESET presented Project Result 3, which centers on “Guidelines and recommendations for supporting e-mentoring for unemployed young people.” This presentation further refined our approach to applying e-mentoring in practice.

Spreading the Word

INFODEF addressed the topic of project dissemination plans, emphasizing our commitment to reaching a broader audience. Sharing our knowledge is vital, as we aim to showcase how mentors can digitally engage with young individuals seeking employment.

Stimulating Conversations

With an efficiently managed agenda, we had time for meaningful discussions about pressing societal issues and how our project can contribute positively. The exchange led to the conclusion that emphasizing awareness of the value system in which we operate is crucial. Mentors play a significant role in the lives of their mentees, making it essential that they are mindful of their mindset throughout the process.

A Dynamic Exchange of Ideas

The Oslo meeting was a dynamic exchange of ideas and innovations. As we left Sentralen, SoCentral, we carried with us a shared vision for a brighter future in education and mentoring, characterized by accessibility and empowerment. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey to empower the next generation and explore the potential of technology in education.

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