ELLE Project Update

A useful tool in the process of creating a clearer picture of the target audience can be found in the use of personas.


The intention in the ELLE project with the use of personas is based around an intention to create realistic representations of the different stakeholders involved in the project. The development of representations of the key audience can then be used as a reference in the development of project solutions, as well as for helping to inform other design activities, such as the creation of customer maps, which would be heavily informed by the personas.

These are some of the personas which the project has developed to date and which are being used to help inform project development and creation of project outputs.


By developing relevant personas, the intended to attempt is o specify the needs, pains and goals of the stakeholders which the project is focused on. Following the development of these personas, the ELLE project partners intended look at the value propositions that could be delivered to meet the needs and goals of these stakeholders.



For more on the ELLE Project, please see https://www.elleproject.eu