FLIPPMI Flipped Learning for Migrants

Innoquality Systems is thrilled to present the FLIPPMI project Project Nº2021-1-BE01-KA220-SCH-000024579, http://flippmi.possibles.org/  addressing the crucial role of parental involvement in children’s education. While parental engagement significantly impacts student performance, commitment, and motivation, immigrant families often encounter barriers such as language, unfamiliarity with the host country’s school system, and constraints on time and finances.

Introducing the Flipped Classroom pedagogical model shifts certain learning processes outside the classroom, allowing class time to enhance knowledge acquisition and practice. Recognising immigrant parents’ challenges, the project emphasises family learning—an underexplored avenue involving multiple generations.

FLIPPMI partners believe intercultural mediators can foster positive relationships between immigrant students, their families, and the school community. This Erasmus+ initiative aims to bolster immigrant family participation in Flipped Learning through family learning methods, empowering intercultural mediators with essential skills and resources for support.