Follow App Project research and updates

The objective of the Follow App project is to set-up and test a graduate tracking method supported by digital tools designed to track employment and career progression of apprentices in DUAL VET programmes, addressed to VET teachers, counsellors, in-company trainers and learners, improving the responsiveness of VET to the changing demands in the labour market and strengthening the Quality Assurance in VET.

As work is ongoing on the project, INQS is heavily focused on research into the area of VET or DUAL VET in Ireland.

SOLAS is the national representative for the further education & training sector in Ireland, including VET & apprenticeships. SOLAS tends to be heavily involved with regulations, policy and frameworks that affect VET and apprentices. Previously the Action Plan for Education 2016-2018 was a large policy which had a focus to grow work-based-learning using apprenticeship and traineeship modes.

There is also a National Skills Strategy 2025 which was currently in operation has a number of focuses on training and career development of apprentices in VET or DUAL VET.

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