Follow App Project research and updates

The objective of the Follow App project is to set-up and test a graduate tracking method supported by digital tools designed to track employment and career progression of apprentices in DUAL VET programmes, addressed to VET teachers, counsellors, in-company trainers and learners, improving the responsiveness of VET to the changing demands in the labour market and strengthening the Quality Assurance in VET.

The partners of Follow App held a quick online meeting this month, with members of it’s fantastic consortium, featuring partners from Instituto para el fomento del desarrollo y la formación (Spain), as well as Centro Servizi Formazione (Italy), DIMITRA EDUCATION & CONSULTING (Greece), AssForSEO (Italy), AIN – Asociación Industria Navarra (Spain), Avrupa Birliği ve Dış İlişkiler Bürosu (Turkey).

Discussion primarily focused on exciting updates on:
WP2 – The EU framework
WP3 – The E-learning platform and web app
WP5 – The dissemination & sustainability activities

All in all, the project has been going exceedingly well and is meeting its required deliverables on time and to a high quality.

For more on the Follow App project, please see the Facebook page at App.project