Follow App Project research and updates

The objective of the Follow App project is to set-up and test a graduate tracking method supported by digital tools designed to track employment and career progression of apprentices in DUAL VET programmes, addressed to VET teachers, counsellors, in-company trainers and learners, improving the responsiveness of VET to the changing demands in the labour market and strengthening the Quality Assurance in VET.

In the context of graduate tracking in Dual VET, a range of hugely useful resources and case studies are provided by Cedefop (

This includes resources related to Dual VET. One such example is the Romanian example of “Invatamant profesional in sistem dual”. This system was introduced as a response of vocational education and training to the growing and diversified labor market requirements and in order to improve the education and training system’s response to the economic and social dynamics in Romania.

The scheme is organised for qualifications included in the NQF, with training standards developed by representatives of the companies from the respective sectors and of the VET providers, with the methodological support of the National Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training Development, endorsed by National Authority for Qualifications and validated by employers and other social partners through sectoral committees. The revision of standards is carried out at least every five years or at the request of economic operators.

These kind of EU resources can be of tremendous help in helping to support and drive commitment to VET and can help provide insights into graduate tracking at National and EU levels.

You can review a highly useful factsheet of Invatamant profesional in sistem dual at

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