FungiPreneurs Project research and updates

The objective of the FungiPreneurs project is to support the social inclusion of vulnerable groups in rural areas through environmental awareness about the importance of fungi for the ecosystems and the marketable value of mycological resources, promoting behaviour change, green skills development and responsible and sustainable social entrepreneurship.

The project features a fantastic consortium, with partners from ECM Ingenieria Ambiental (Spain), Disruptia (Spain), META4 (Austria), Mindshift – Talent Advisory (Portugal), and Centre For Social Innovation – CSI (Cyprus)

As work is ongoing on the project, INQS has recently been investigating best practices around effective roadmapping. One such example is Teaching And Learning In Irish Higher Education: A Roadmap For Enhancement In A Digital World 2015-2017.

Developed in 2015, this is a roadmap aimed at supporting Irish higher education institutions and organisations in the development of local and national digital strategies and to ensure alignment, coherence and a sense of common endeavour at a sectoral level. This document is designed to inform and guide senior managers, heads of department, schools or faculties and leaders within the higher education sector. It focuses also on systems-level higher education organisations, as well as representative organisations within the sector which together must take the lead in building digital capacity to enhance teaching and learning across the sector.

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