Ideal Projec – DigCompEdu profile for language teachers

The IDEAL Project ( will develop a hands-on approach with examples and tools for language teachers on how to establish digital competence in language teaching in their daily practice.

As part of this, the partnership, led by project coordinators VHS Cham, have been hard at work in supporting the development of methodology for the development of self-assessment with feedback. The starting point of the self-assessment development was a use of exiting DigCompEdu profile with all 6 areas, including progression description from A1 to C2 for 22 descriptors. Based on analysis of each of the area and 22 descriptors, the IDEAL partners have adapted the profile to the context of language teaching as well as tasks and role of language teacher for adult learners.

Within INQS, we have been responsible for area 4 of the profile – assessmnet. With this in mind, we can share some ongoing work in this area below: