IDEAL Project Video Tutorial

The IDEAL Project ( will develop a hands-on approach with examples and tools for language teachers on how to establish digital competence in language teaching in their daily practice.

As part of the third IDEAL project output – Open educational resources with good innovative practices – the project partnership is developing guidelines on a range of digital tools which are focused on supporting digital competences for language learning

To this end, INQS has developed a video tutorial on the use of Google Meet for supporting live language learning. You can view this on the INQS youtube channel’s IDEAL Project Video Tutorial Playlist

Screencasts are recordings of a computer screen while on-screen activities are being carried out. These typically include activities like showing a presentation of some other form of content, demonstrating some software, changing some settings, etc. Screencasts can help you to save time and effort in developing digital resources for your learners.

Instead of taking lots of screenshots and writing up lots of text, you can record a screencast to speak over existing resources like presentations which makes the process of creating learning resources easier and quicker For language learning, screencasts which record you speaking allows learners to get both visual and auditory information at once which supports elements like pronunciation and hearing skills.