The Prevent MI project is focused on developing innovative learner-centred methods and digital tools to prevent migrant youth radicalisation through Emotional Intelligence and Transformative Learning.

We are excited to be working on this project together with our partners from Stiftelsen Mangfold i arbeidslivet (MiA), INFODEF Institute for the Promotion of Development and Training, La Bien Pagá Espacio Escénico, IASIS NGO ATHENS and Folkuniversitetet.

We will be co-creating innovative learning resources and tools to support and upskill Youth Workers in the prevention of migrant youth radicalisation.

Project Results developed will include: Quality Assurance Plan, Training Curriculum on preventing migrant youth radicalisation through EI and TL, Online courses for Youth Workers, Prevent MI e-Learning Platform, Prevent MI Personal RoadmApp, Toolkit for Youth Workers, Piloting, Dissemination Plan and a Sustainability Strategy.

The Prevent MI project recognises the role of Youth Workers in the prevention of migrant youth radicalisation and contributes to their continuous learning by providing digital solutions to promote intercultural dialogue and facilitation of an inclusive environment & active participation in democratic, social and civic life.

If you would like to learn more about the Prevent MI project results, please get in touch!