Reflecting on a Successful Journey: The INTREP Project’s Grand Finale in Liège, Belgium

The lively city of Liège, Belgium, recently played host to the closing event for the INTREP Erasmus+ project. Held at the inspiring venue of Le Monde des Possibles, the final conference, multiplier event, and partner meeting marked the culmination of a journey brimming with innovation, collaboration, and intercultural engagement.

A Warm Welcome and Insightful Presentations

The day kicked off on June 11th, 2024, at 9:00 AM CET with the reception of participants. The atmosphere was inspiring with anticipation as representatives from various partner organizations as well as multiple stakeholders gathered. The event began with a brief presentation of the INTREP Project by our hosts at Le Monde des Possibles (MDP). This was followed by a series of insightful presentations from our partners, highlighting the experiences and outcomes of the pilot programs conducted in Romania (CPIP), Greece (IASIS), and Spain (LBP).

Showcasing Intercultural Entrepreneurship

One of the standout moments of the conference was the presentation by MicroStart, a microfinance organization that supports interfaith communities. This was complemented by testimonials from intercultural entrepreneurs in Liège, including Gessica Gabrou’s innovative formula, Salimata’s cutting-edge fashion, and Sukma’s unique culinary approach. These inspiring stories underscored the project’s impact on fostering social innovation and entrepreneurship across diverse cultural and religious contexts. The icing on the cake was that all guests were able to enjoy Sukma’s amazing Indonesian cuisine.

Engaging Workshops and Reflective Discussions

After a short break, participants engaged in interactive workshops designed to deepen the discussions and share practical insights. The workshops were a testament to the collaborative spirit that has driven the INTREP project forward. The morning session concluded with a sharing and reflection period, where attendees summarized their learnings and celebrated the project’s achievements.

Partner Meeting: Strategizing for the Future

In the afternoon, the final international meeting commenced at 2:00 PM CET. This session was a great opportunity to provide feedback on the conference and discuss the final considerations for the project results. Key discussions included administrative deadlines, dissemination strategies, and sustainability plans to ensure the project’s enduring impact.

A Celebration of Collaboration

The day concluded on a high note with a social dinner, where partners from Le Monde des Possibles (MDP), CPIP, IASIS, LBP, and GOI came together to celebrate their collective efforts. The dinner was not just a meal but a celebration of the friendships and professional relationships forged through the INTREP project.

Reflecting on Success and Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the success of the INTREP project, we are immensely proud of the collaborative efforts that have brought us here. The final conference in Liège was a fitting tribute to the dedication and hard work of all partners involved. We are confident that the outcomes of this project will continue to inspire and drive social innovation and entrepreneurship in intercultural and interreligious contexts.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all partners: Le Monde des Possibles (MDP), CPIP, IASIS, La Bien Pagá, and the Governmentship of Istanbul. @Partners: Your unwavering commitment and collaboration have been the backbone of this project’s success. THANK YOU! We are excited about the future and trust that the foundations laid by INTREP will continue to flourish and make a difference in communities across Europe.

With work like this, we are making a world of possibilities a reality.

For more information, contact us directly and visit the INTREP Project website.

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