Second Mifamily Meeting in London

The second-off meeting for the Mifamily Project took place in National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education in London on the 17th and 18th of May. The meeting was focused primarily on the project development and the finalization of the Training Curriculum and carrying out the MIFAMILY Online Platform.

Quantitative information related to the meeting in a general sense was positive. Partners had shared expectations in relation to defining and agreeing the curriculum arising from IO1 and progression towards the development of learning material for the course. Post-meeting, partners felt that they had made good progress in agreeing and defining the curriculum. It was felt that this had been achieved although it was noted that this had not been as efficient as it perhaps could have been due to issues related to unavailability due to illness and travel difficulties. Partners were generally positive in relation to the provision of pre-meeting information on travel and accommodation and the majority felt that the project meeting agenda/ structure was clear & effective. Partners indicated that they felt the meeting had been productive, had featured a cooperative atmosphere and had dedicated enough time to progressing the relevant issues.

In the words of one of the partners post-meeting, “onwards and upwards!”