SME Green Skills HUB Update

Framework of competencies

Just over a year has past since the partners from the SME Green Skills HUB have collaborated to create valuable materials for small and medium enterprises so that they can benefit from the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The partners, under the lead by MIND SHIFT have recently finished a comprehensive document with the title “European Framework of Competencies to implement the SDGs in SMEs“. This document introduces the stakeholders of this project to its contents and explains the background. Readers will learn about the predefined learning outcomes as well as about the pre-content elaboration desktop-research results performed by each partner in their country.

This document was translated into all partner languages and was the content reviewed by the partners and acquainted field experts. They have found the content of the developed framework as “very valuable” and are looking forward to learning more about the project further on.

You are interested in this document and project results? View them here!

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