SME Green Skills HUB Update

2nd training activity in Florence, Italy from November 15th to 17th, 2022

Do you know how important SDGs are actually? You certainly do know that SMEs (small- and medium-sized companies) represent the backbone to our economic systems. In times like these of climate crisis, increasing economical challenges due to inflation and wars, it is important more than ever to combine awareness raising for enhancing sustainability and providing tangible tools for this target group and those who cater to them to get active. The partners in this project have dedicated themselves to creating precisely these kind of tools.

The international capacity building event was hosted by the “Fondazione per la ricerca e l’innovazione” in the First Lab, innovation lab founded by the University of Florence. The purpose was to review the materials created such as the Virtual Campus which contains the Instructional Guide for application, the Training Modules and the Vocational Open Online Courses. All partners were properly introduced into the functioning and handling of these tools.

Having received a proper introduction to these components, it’s now the time to finalize the translation of the materials and then to move on with piloting and validation. Piloting will take place in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Turkey. VET trainers, educators and consultants will be trained to use all the tools provided in this project and will further on apply them with their stakeholders.

Partners also had the chance to participate in an interesting study visit to the Nana Bianca Innovation Center. This is a co-working space with a wide range of sponsors that hosts many events to promote entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Innoquality Systems is once again responsible for quality assurance in this project. We are happy to report that things seem to work very well and no quality concerns need to be addressed.

If you are interested in learning more about this project please visit the project website or do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly!

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