TOURISTIC – C2 Training Event

The project touristic! aims to find new and innovative answers to all challenges by upskilling disabled people in Digital Skills applied to the design of innovative commercial services and products in Online Accessible Tourism, creating new skills pathways and labour opportunities for disabled people in Europe.

This is aimed to serve in supporting ICT-based teaching and assessment practices and promoting the transparency, validation and recognition of skills and competences acquired through OER.

Innoquality systems was delighted to be a part of the Touristic Project C2 event which took place in Mersin, Turkey on the 1st to the 4th of February.

The event was very well-attended and featured a wide variety of participants, from a number of different backgrounds from all partnership countries. The activities during the days ranged from poster design to debate and discussion on inclusive marketing to brainstorming sessions on how to best manage accessibility in accessible design for tourism.

It was a great pleasure to attend and participate in the training event and we in INQS would like sincerely thank all participants for making the event so engaging and uplifting!

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