TOURISTIC – O2 Learning Content

As part of the TOURISTIC project, the partnership is currently developing training content for teachers, educators and volunteers working or supporting disabled people by helping them develop Digital Skills applied to the design of innovative commercial services and products in Online Accessible Tourism, creating new skills pathways and labour opportunities for disabled people in Europe, supporting ICT-based teaching and assessment practices and promoting the transparency, validation and recognition of skills and competences acquired through OER.

INQS, as part of this process, is responsible for developing the curriculum for Module 4: Commercial awareness & inclusive marketing communication. As part of this, INQS has been examining the use of resources to help utilise Tools for digital marketing and social media.

One of the biggest challenges in deciding what tools you want to use for digital marketing is in the sheer number of tools available to you! While this can be confusing and intimidating, what is important is that you select the right tools for the right purpose for your audience, which can only be properly done when you gather information about and from your target audience.

In particular, try to identify what tools your audience:

  • is familiar with
  • is comfortable with
  • prefer to use to receive the kind of information you are sending.

Remember, you do not need to use every tool available! Only the ones which will have an impact on your customers.

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