Working on bridging the gap

The “Mind the Gap” team convened in Bastia, France, on June 28th, 2022, for the second transnational project meeting, continuing our mission to close the digital skills gap. Unfortunately the meeting had to be held in hybrid mode due to the labour strikes. Hosted half digitally and also at the scenic Le couvent des Capanelle, the meeting brought together all partners, including SILVERSAP, for a day of strategic discussions and planning.

The meeting commenced with a warm reception for all attendees, setting a collaborative atmosphere. It swiftly moved to a presentation by La Bien Pagá (SP), which laid out the Theoretical and Methodological Framework for Contemporary Digital Skills for Adults. This framework is the backbone of our project, ensuring that the digital skills imparted are relevant and comprehensive.

The partners from the Governmentship of Istanbul then led an insightful session on the Training Curriculum for digital migrants, where they explored the framework to define learning modules that are crucial for the curriculum’s development.

Following a brief coffee break, the spotlight turned to the E-learning platform. INFODEF provided an update on the technical implementation, while SILVERSAP elaborated on the instructional guide for training module development. These discussions are vital as the platform is central to delivering our contemporary digital skills modules to digital migrants.

Post lunch BEYKOZ presented the work plan for the practical guideline, focusing on overcoming the challenges in adult learning. This guideline aims to facilitate the learning journey for adults who are transitioning into the digital realm.

KIST-Consult from Austria took the lead in the afternoon to discuss the creation of webinars and instructional videos. These are designed to be direct instructional maps for digital migrants in the virtual world, based on themes and contents identified through national online surveys.

Project Management, helmed by the project coordinator La Bien Pagá, reviewed administrative and financial issues, ensuring transparency and efficiency in our project operations. This was followed by a dissemination session led by AKETH and all partners, where the dissemination plan and activities were outlined, emphasizing the importance of sharing our project outcomes and learnings.

Quality & Evaluation, steered by our company then focused on the quality considerations and evaluation of the meeting, a critical step in maintaining the project’s high standards.

The meeting concluded with a summary of decisions, the preparation of a “To Do List” for future engagements, and thoughtful discussions that reinforced our commitment to the project’s success.

The Bastia meeting was another milestone in the “Mind the Gap” project, bringing us closer to achieving digital inclusivity and literacy for all adults.