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Empowering Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Highlights from the INTREP Project – Learning, Teaching and Training Activity (LTTA) in Istanbul

From June 13th to 15th, 2023, the Governmentship of Istanbul GOI played host to the dynamic Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity (LTTA) of the INTREP Project. With the aim of fostering social innovation and entrepreneurship in intercultural and interreligious contexts, this event brought together passionate participants from diverse organizations. Let’s dive into the exciting agenda and key takeaways from this three-day gathering.

Day 1: Setting the Stage for Success

The LTTA commenced with a warm welcome and introduction by Governmentship of Istanbul. The Belgium representative from the coordinating organization Le Monde Des Possibles then took the stage to set the agenda and provide an overview of the project’s objectives. Engaging discussions followed, focusing on the transferability and use of the training curriculum (PR1) by La Bien Pagá and the learning units plan (PR2) by IASIS. Energized by coffee, participants eagerly explored the finalized e-Learning Campus (PR3) and discussed the piloting methodology. After a satisfying lunch break, everyone joined forces to prepare for the exciting piloting stages. The day wrapped up with a spirited evaluation and impact overview, fueling excitement for the days ahead.

Day 2: Unveiling Innovations and Collaboration

Day 2 kicked off with a warm welcome from GOI, setting a vibrant tone for the day. Innoquality Systems dazzled the audience with a sneak peek of the beta version of the web application (PR4), sharing their piloting methodology. Coffee breaks sparked lively conversations, fueling the creativity in the room. GOI then took center stage to share their enlightening comparative analysis report (PR5), offering valuable insights. Following a delicious lunch break, participants engaged in evaluating the pilot phases and exchanged invaluable feedback. The day concluded with an interactive session on collecting feedback and shaping recommendations for skills validation, certification, and accreditation, leaving everyone inspired and motivated.

Day 3: Celebrating Achievements and Collaboration

The final day dawned with enthusiasm as participants gathered for the last leg of the LTTA. At this point the Belgium partners once again took charge, determining the skills for Europass then moving on to the overall evaluation of the LTTA, as partners discussed progress and brainstormed future enhancements. Finally, the event culminated in a joyous certificates ceremony, recognizing the remarkable achievements of all participants and their commitment to social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Conclusion: Igniting Change Together

The INTREP Project’s LTTA in Istanbul showcased the power of collaboration and innovation in fostering social entrepreneurship and intercultural understanding. From curriculum transferability to fully practice oriented web applications, the three-day event was sparked with lively discussions and inspiring interactions. Participants left with a sense of accomplishment, armed with valuable insights and connections. As they continue their journey, the impact of the INTREP Project will undoubtedly ripple through communities, igniting positive change and nurturing a future of social innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

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