INTREP – Project update

Project partner meeting in Athens, Greece on 5.12.23

Embracing the Future of E-Learning and Instructional Technology

The picturesque city of Athens at the beginning of December is for Northern Europeans a unique experience which not all of the partners could enjoy due to the fact that some participants had to join in online. The city that known for its rich history and culture was host to a gathering of a handful of organisations dedicated to integration, e-learning and instructional technology. The INTREP project partner meeting, held at the venue of IASIS, the Greek partners. Let’s delve into the essence of this remarkable day, filled with discussions, decisions, and creative exchange.

Morning Insights: The E-Learning Campus and Instructional Web App

The day began with a warm welcome of the IASIS team. The partners then immediately jumped into the discussion on the E-Learning Campus. This part of the meeting was particularly crucial as it involved reviewing the progress made so far, exchanging feedback, and agreeing on the methodology for the upcoming activities.

The momentum continued with discussions around the PR4 Instructional Web App which was led by INQS. This segment was especially exciting as it involved going through the app one more time before piloting. Deadlines and steps for the next piloting phase were agreed upon, setting a clear roadmap for implementation.

A Break for Reflection and Networking

A brief coffee break provided a welcome pause, allowing attendees to network, discuss informally, and enjoy the Greek hospitality. This interlude was not just a break but a crucial period for forming connections and sharing insights in a more relaxed setting.

Afternoon Sessions: Broadening Horizons

Post-lunch, the focus shifted to PR5, involving recommendations for skills validation, certification, and accreditation. This session was essential as it involved sharing thoughts about piloting again and agreeing on the methodology to assess and monitor the whole process. The discussion was enriched by the various perspectives of partners, who brought in their understanding of national and local particularities and needs.

The day also included a session on considerations regarding future multiplier conferences, a testament to the project’s expanding reach and influence. This was followed by a wrap up on financial and management approaches.

All these conversations throughout the day are key to ensuring the sustainability and impact of the INTREP project.

Reflecting on a Day of Progress

As the participants departed, it was clear that the INTREP project was on a promising trajectory. The meeting in Athens was not just about making decisions and setting goals; it was about fostering a community of innovators committed to advancing the field of integration, e-learning and instructional technology. The discussions and decisions of this day are just the beginning, and the journey ahead for the INTREP project is filled with potential and promise. Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting initiative continues to evolve and make an impact.

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