MIND THE GAP Project Update

Learning, Teaching and Training Activity in Istanbul, Turkey, May 16-18th, 2023, 2023

The MIND THE GAP project partners held a conference on May 16th-18th, 2023 at the Barceló Istanbul and it was a resounding success. The conference, which focused on discussing the materials elaborated for bridging the gap between digital migrants and digital natives.

The conference started with a warm welcome from the hosting partner the Government of Istanbul (GOI). This was followed by presentations on the theoretical and methodological framework for contemporary digital skills for adults, the training curriculum for digital migrants, and the e-learning platform for digital-education modules. Throughout the event, participants were able to learn practical skills such as critical thinking when searching online, selecting digital tools for communication, managing data and avoiding online fraud, and promoting eco-friendly digital habits.

A social dinner among the partners at a lovely restaurant near the Galata bridge provided a great opportunity to network and strengthening the relationships.

The last day of the conference focused on reviewing the practical guidelines for overcoming challenges in adult learning, webinars and instructional videos for digital migrants, pilot implementation, and evaluation of the LTTA. Participants were also given the chance to discuss and make decisions on the tasks to cover until the next online/transnational meeting.

We are especially excited about the videos and highly recommend checking them out. Have a sneak preview here:

Overall, the conference was a great success, and all the participants left with practical knowledge and ideas to improve their teaching of digital skills to adults. The event served as a reminder of the importance of cooperation partnerships in adult education and the need to bridge the gap between digital migrants and digital natives.

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