B.COMP Kick-off Meeting

The B.COMP project consortium met in Valladolid, Spain for the first time last week. It was great to learn more about the expected project results and first steps, and meet the project partners.

The B.COMP project is focused on creating more inclusive and supportive work-based learning environments for low-skilled learners by training work-readiness skills through Transformative Learning.

Partners will begin by researching the current context for low-skilled learners in their countries.

During the project lifespan, the project consortium will co-create the following project resources:

  1. Training Curriculum
  2. Learning Units Plan
  3. e-Learning Campus
  4. Instructional Web App
  5. Guidelines and Recommendations for skills validation, certification and accreditation

INQS have also created a Quality and Evaluation Plan and will be responsible for monitoring the quality of the project.

If you would like to learn more about the B.Comp project, please get in touch! You can also follow our LinkedIn page to receive regular updates!

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