ABCD4ME APPs Based Competence Development for Migrants Entrepreneurship

Innoquality Systems is pleased to engage in the ABCD4ME project Project Nº 2021-1-BE01-KA220-VET-000033048, striving to enhance immigrants’ economic integration by fostering qualified digital entrepreneurs. Our involvement includes providing VET teachers and trainers with innovative tools like an online digital database, a digital learning platform, an MEC and ECVET-aligned curricular proposal, and a methodological manual transferable across Europe. Through a digital business capacity-building program, the project aims to equip targeted immigrants with the knowledge, skills, tools, and networks for digital entrepreneurship. Simultaneously, we aim to enable easy replication of the program throughout the EU by third parties with limited resources.

The anticipated outcomes of the ABCD4ME project encompass:

  • PR1. An online digital database for migrant entrepreneurship featuring best practices, innovative projects, methodological guidelines, policies, and resources.
  • PR2. A theoretical framework, pedagogical basis, and study plan.
  • PR3. A Digital Training Platform for Learning through Apps, focusing on migrant entrepreneurship in a digital economy with animated videos.
  • PR4. The ABCD4ME Pedagogical Manual.

Our primary target groups include VET organizations, their teachers, trainers, and migrants. Through VET interventions, we aim to support social inclusion and economic integration by offering training in digital competence, interculturality, and entrepreneurship