App Teach Project Update

The third meeting of the App & Teach project took place on Oct 25th 2018 in Vienna in Austria.



Overall, evaluation data for the third meeting for the App & Teach project suggests that it was extremely successful. All respondents provided positive answers, primarily as positive as possible, in relation to the meeting in a general sense, in relation to the organisation and running of the meeting and in relation to the division of tasks post-meeting.

Quantitative information related to the meeting in a general sense was positive with nearly all partners identifying themselves as very satisfied with the meeting. Partners identified that their main expectations for the meeting (to continue with the closure of O1 and O2 and the progression to O3 and O4) were met, suggesting that the meeting was effectively structured, that the coordinators were aware of the key decisions to be made and that partners collaborated and contributed to ensure that these were addressed. This corresponds to the respondents’ feelings post-meeting.

All partners were positive in their responses in relation to the next set of activities and the division of tasks and immediate next steps for same – most respondents identifying themselves as very much so – which suggests that developments for outputs 3 and 4 can continue as anticipated.