Assess Plus Project Update

As part of the ongoing Assess Plus project, work is ongoing into the development of O3 – a “practical and innovative ICT-based tool designed to to evaluate competences on Skills Audits in Adult Education included in the European Framework of Reference.”

With the ongoing development of IO3 – the assessment and support web app – by INQS and the initial beta piloting of same, the process is always improving and we are happy to report that the results of the beta pilot are very positive. Participants who tested the system (and then filled in an online form) reported high satisfaction with the web app across all evaluated elements. Some examples of same are offered below:

Qualitative findings were – broadly:


  • Feedback on the approach and concept (and project in general) was positive
  • Generally identified as user friendly
  • Content and materials received positive feedback
  • Continue with approach, no major adjustments


  • Some technical issues re bugs, etc
  • Noted that additional information at the start to help onboard users would be beneficial.
  • Better information when users enter the system
  • Elaborate help and support area

We are delighted with the positive feedback and intend to continue working on the app ot ensure it is of the highest quality before the end of the project.

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