Assess Plus Project Update

As part of the ongoing Assess Plus project, work is ongoing into the development of O3 – a “practical and innovative ICT-based tool designed to to evaluate competences on Skills Audits in Adult Education included in the European Framework of Reference.”

To date, INQS has undertaken a wide range of research and examinations into the potential approaches to such an app with a view to supporting the user experience and to develop a resource which will be of use to the target audience, to project beneficiaries and to stakeholders.

Innoquality systems is delighted to be a part of the Assess Plus project and has developed a web-based assessment and support app for the projects’ target audience of those involved in adult education and the validation of skills – in particular for low-skilled and disadvantaged adults.

The intention of the web app is to help support the practical application of what was learned in IO2 training (Effective Skills Auditing Processes and procedures) and serve as a support and reference to Assess Plus stakeholders to help them apply what they have learned. The web app does this by allowing the user to select areas related to the skills Audit process which they want put into practice and/ or know more about.

The web app can be accessed at and is designed to be simple, with a focus on a specific purpose which allows the user to identify and access just the relevant information they want on-demand. This said, the web app has developed a wide range of content which can all be changed or updated or used in different ways.

The web app is currently being piloted as part of a beta test with the intention of improving and updating the app as required over the coming few weeks!

For more information and resources, please check out