Assess Plus Project Update – June 2021

As part of the ongoing Assess Plus project, work is ongoing into the development of O3 – a “practical and innovative ICT-based tool designed to to evaluate competences on Skills Audits in Adult Education included in the European Framework of Reference.”. To date, INQS has undertaken a wide range of research and examinations into the potential approaches to such an app with a view to supporting the user experience and to develop a resource which will be of use to the target audience, to project beneficiaries and to stakeholders.

As outlined in a previous post, if we consider that Assess Plus is a project representing and supporting a teaching process (through the excellent Assess Plus VOOC), the IO3 app should serve a purpose which is closely linked to:

  1. Supporting or enhancing the IO2 training
  2. Following completion of IO2, but prior to applying what was learned
  3. Supporting or enhancing the application of what was learned

Based on all of the above, we can identify some scenarios of use for the app, which can help guide us in developing features and functionality which can meet the specific needs of the audiences within the context of use for the app. One such use is for as a reference tool for those consider skills audits. Considerations around such an approach are outlined below:

The Assess Plus IO3 App as a reference Tool

Primary Audience: 

Target audience

Context of use: 

To be used by the TA as part of and/ or before the audit process with beneficiaries, after a TA completes the Assess Plus Virtual Campus training


“I want to have a reference/ support tool that I can use to enhance the process of facilitating skills audits in adult education.”


To offer relevant information related to the audit process for the beneficiary based on country, intended/ interested career, type of audit, etc. on-demand for a Counsellor/ assessors. guidance personnel/ validation practitioner to help support the process of preparing for, or application of  an audit following their completion of the O2 training.


Comparative Solution:

A good potential example of this type of approach can be seen with the Red Cross Reference App – 

For more information and resources, please check out