Free Multiplier event @ Dublin City Council

Digitial Education Systems for Equality and Social Change.

Networking and Project Presentations Evening.

At Innoquality Systems, we design innovative digital approaches and systems to support equality through socially
responsible and inclusive learning. Come meet our team in person at a catered networking event at Dublin City Council and hear us share and discuss our latest insights on how we are working to create a more equal Europe through our Erasmus + projects in the field of teaching, learning and development.

Projects to be discussed include:

Touristic – Upskilling disabled people with digital skills to accessible tourism jobs

Assess Plus – Supporting skills audits in adult education through digital tools

Renouval – Intergenerational learning and validation of skills in craft sector through digital technologies

We Men – Improving teaching methods in emotional intelligence and gender equality training for adult educators through digital solutions

We Care – Providing access to guidance, training and validation of non-formal and informal learning for migrant women working in care sectors

Silver Up – Digital solutions to support mentoring in social innovation for senior entrepreneurs

Artivate – Art therapy based psychoeducation to support the participation of adults with learning disabilities in adult education

Steam Stars – Designing innovative methods and pedagogies to provide motivating exercises and methods for gifted students in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths

The event will take place on:

August 30th, 2022, from 18.00 to 21.00 at the

Wood Quay Room @ The Civic Office in Dublin City Council

You can register and get your free ticket for this event here!

We want to strengthen the connection between your work and our work in Erasmus+ projects. And we are keen to hear where our projects meet your organisation’s needs and vision.

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