FungiPreneurs Project research and updates

The objective of the FungiPreneurs project is to support the social inclusion of vulnerable groups in rural areas through environmental awareness about the importance of fungi for the ecosystems and the marketable value of mycological resources, promoting behaviour change, green skills development and responsible and sustainable social entrepreneurship.

The project features a fantastic consortium, with partners from ECM Ingenieria Ambiental (Spain), Disruptia (Spain), META4 (Austria), Mindshift – Talent Advisory (Portugal), and Centre For Social Innovation – CSI (Cyprus)

As work is ongoing on the project, INQS has recently been investigating best practices around effective roadmapping. One such example is the Sustainability Roadmap for the Irish Broadcasting Sector.

The Sustainability Roadmap for the Irish Broadcasting Sector is a roadmap developed by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI). The BAI is a voluntary sector-wide sustainability group of Irish broadcasters and representatives of their supply chains. It aims to foster best practice and to provide the support to make the Irish broadcasting sector a sustainability leader that uses its collective voice to create a greener, more inclusive, more resilient future for all.

This roadmap provides a vision for a sustainable broadcasting sector in Ireland and offers a concrete plan for how to get there. It is intended as a guide for individual broadcasters to help them – as individuals – on becoming more sustainable and adopting more sustainable practices, with a view to simultaneously working collectively towards shared goals.

Within the context of the FUNGIPRENEURS project, this has a wide of range of applicability, in particular in the intention of supporting widespread change in sustainability practice through individual actions and roadmapping. The roadmap has three pillars representing the three dimensions of sustainability: environment (green), social (inclusive) and economic (resilient). Each pillar contains three focus areas, which are accompanied by a set of recommended actions and key metrics to help to track and measure impact.

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