FungiPreneurs Project research and updates

The objective of the FungiPreneurs project is to support the social inclusion of vulnerable groups in rural areas through environmental awareness about the importance of fungi for the ecosystems and the marketable value of mycological resources, promoting behaviour change, green skills development and responsible and sustainable social entrepreneurship.

With work ongoing on the project, the consortium is working on the project training curriculum. But very much with an eye to the development of training content for WP3 – the e-learning platform, designed to support the training of trainers around the area of mycology and the potential benefits – Both environmental and financial – to vulnerable people in rural areas.
In this context, INQS has been reading more and more into the area, which has made for fascinating and enjoyable work. In this context, the below set of guidelines may be useful for others in helping to give an introduction into this area –

As noted at the end of this set article, in response to a question of (“Why Aren’t There More Mycologists?”), “I don’t know. It really seems like we need more people studying these species…Whatever the case, it seems like an increase in people studying fungal biology would help the human species as a whole.”

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