Highlights from the FLIPPMI Project Final Conference and Partner Meeting in Liège, Belgium

We are delighted to share insights from the recent final conference and partner meeting of the FLIPPMI project, held on January 11 and 12 in Liège, Belgium. The event was hosted at the office of Monde des Possibles, our well-esteemed partner organization from Belgium which is fully committed to providing training in French as a foreign language, new technologies, legal and social services, and engaging in international projects and intercultural actions. They are dedicated to assist disadvantaged individuals and people who are easily marginalized in our society.

Well-Attended Final Conference

The conference was very well organized and well attended. It saw a significant turnout, including local and national stakeholder organizations, migrants from many different countries and the international project partners from Spain, Austria, Greece, and Turkey. The primary aim was to present the results of the FLIPPMI project, showcasing its success and the the potential of the created values.

Workshops and Practical Activity Set

Attendees had the opportunity to engage in workshops, providing a hands-on experience with activities from the Practical Activity Set as well as other activities following the Flipped Learning approach and to support migrants in their challenging situations. These workshops offered insights into the practical applications of the project, facilitating a deeper understanding of its benefits and methodologies.

Partners Meeting and Discussions

Following the conference, partners convened to discuss several crucial topics. The partner sessions focused on piloting results, dissemination and exploitation strategies, plans for national multiplier conferences, sustainability plan agreements and reporting. Finally, the partners thoroughly discussed the required next steps and tasks in order to put closure to the development part of the project and to ensure the future impact of the project.

Closing Remarks

The event concluded on a high note, with partners reflecting on the successful journey of the FLIPPMI project, highlighting the take away of this time of collaboration. The discussions not only evidenced the project’s achievements but also set the stage for future collaborations and initiatives in this field.

In conclusion, the FLIPPMI project’s final conference and partner meeting was a testament to the collaborative efforts and dedication of all parties involved. It provided a platform for sharing knowledge, strategies, and insights, ensuring the project’s impacts are sustained and expanded in the future.

Innoquality Systems remains committed to being at the forefront of such innovative and impactful projects, contributing to the development and dissemination of knowledge and best practices in our field.

For more information about Monde des Possibles and their initiatives, visit www.possibles.org. For further insights into the FLIPPMI project, visit http://flippmi.possibles.org/. If you wish to learn more about this project and our activities please get in touch with us!