Introducing FungiPreneurs

The FungiPreneurs Erasmus+ project is a new and innovative project which was launched in 2022.

The objective of the FungiPreneurs project is to support the social inclusion of vulnerable groups in rural areas through environmental awareness about the importance of fungi for the ecosystems and the marketable value of mycological resources, promoting behaviour change, green skills development and responsible and sustainable social entrepreneurship.

Its deliverables will include :

  1. A Training Curriculum on social inclusion by environmental awareness and social entrepreneurship through mycology.
  2. A toolkit for adult educators, community leaders and mediators
  3. An e-learning platform for everyone interested in mycology, as well as green and sustainable entrepreneurship

This project which is coordinated by ECM Ingenieria Ambiental (Spain), brings together competent actors from the following organizations: Disruptia (Spain), META4 (Austria), Mindshift – Talent Advisory (Portugal), and Centre For Social Innovation – CSI (Cyprus).

INQS is delighted to be part of this exciting and timely project and looks forward to sharing the journey with you along the way!

For more on the FungiPreneurs project, please see the Facebook page at