Mifamily – the Learning Unit 6 Curriculum

As part of the ongoing Mifamily project, the partnership is developing a curriculum to support the aims of the project – in supporting the ultimate project beneficiaries of families who have immigrated to a different country by “providing training, coaching and guidance to migrant parents on Family Learning methods and resources to overcome language barriers and foster active involvement of migrant parents in their children’s education, equipping teachers, school leaders and educators with the necessary skills and innovative tools to support migrant families in the process, strengthening collaboration between schools, families, and other external stakeholders.”

INQS, as part of this process, is responsible for developing the curriculum for learning unit 6 – Self-evaluation and professional development for teachers, with a view to family learning.

Below is an initial set of responsibilities and autonomies which this unit, at present, will focus on:

  • Develop a personal and professional philosophy of teaching and learning
  • Develop a personal professional development learning plan
  • Engage in and monitor self-development activities

To do so, the learning unit will focus on areas such as K1. understanding the typology of Professional Development Activities for teachers and educators, understanding the values underpinning Professional Development for teachers and educators, understanding the key personal and professional characteristics and skills that affect teaching& learning.