MiGreenDeal Meeting in Austria

The MiGreenDEAL project aspires to raise awareness of the climate crisis awareness among young migrants through transformative learning by implementing innovative practices and digital solutions in adult education in order to prepare migrants and adult educators, community leaders and mediators to become real agents of change in environmental sustainability and fight against climate change.

Because the project is such a challenging prospect, a great team is needed, which MiGreenDeal has, with a fantastic consortium, with partners from Les Mondes de Possibles (Belgium), La Bien Paga (Spain), META4 (Austria), DISRUPTIA (Spain), and IASIS (Greece).
The consortium recently met in Austria for the third project meeting in the 5th of September 2023. The meeting was organised by Meta4 and took place in Klagenfurt.

Partners from all organisations attended to discuss ongoing project activities and plan for the next project steps. The meeting was most fruitful with all partners happy in the progress of the project and the next steps.

For more on the MiGreenDeal project, please see the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100091384757766