MiGreenDeal Project research and updates

Project MiGreenDEAL aspires to raise awareness of the climate crisis awareness among young migrants through transformative learning. The project will implement innovative practices and digital solutions in adult education in order to prepare migrants and adult educators, community leaders and mediators to become real agents of change in environmental sustainability and fight against climate change.

The project features a fantastic consortium, with partners from La Bien Paga (Spain), META4 (Austria), DISRUPTIA (Spain), and IASIS (Greece).

As work is ongoing on the project, INQS has recently been investigating best practices at a national level in the area of raising environmental awareness and commitment of youth within Ireland.

One such example is Stop Food Waste (stopfoodwaste.ie), This is the national campaign to reduce household food waste in Ireland, managed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Ireland’s main organisation for environmental protection. Stop Food Waste run awareness-raising initiatives to share easy tips and resources on how to can make the most of food, keep it fresher for longer and avoiding food waste. The STOP Food Waste project promoted food waste management in Ireland across a variety of target audiences, such as home and business.

Through a combination of education, training, peer example and easy to use information the StopFoodWaste programme aimed to raise awareness of the issues around food waste and to also promote home composting all over Ireland. The material developed as part of the StopFoodWaste programme can be immediately and directly used to help produce knowledge, develop skills and encourage good practices at home and in school for teachers and students. The predilection for the material developed as part of the StopFoodWaste programme in terms of immediate, practical and “gettable” use will be an excellent starting point and set of resources for the development of learning material for primary and secondary school stakeholders regarding food and water waste.

For more on the MiGreenDeal project, please see the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100091384757766