Progress and Partnership: The “Mind the Gap” Trikala Meeting Highlights

The city of Trikala, Greece, set the stage for the 4th Transnational Project Meeting of the “Mind the Gap” project on February 14th, 2023. The gathering brought together all partners, with AKETH hosting the event at a local venue that exemplified the historic charm and forward-thinking spirit of the region. Due to travel restrictions and causes of force majeur some partners could only assist online.

The meeting opened with a cordial welcome from AKETH, reinforcing the collaborative spirit that has been the hallmark of this project. INFODEF promptly took the lead to provide an update on the progress of the E-learning platform’s technical implementation. This platform is designed to be the cornerstone for imparting contemporary digital skills to digital migrants.

The collaborative atmosphere was palpable as SILVERSAP and all partners engaged in the critical development of the digital education modules. The dedication to creating a comprehensive and accessible learning experience for digital migrants was evident in the detailed discussions.

A short coffee break later, the focus shifted back to the E-learning platform, with BEYKOZ reviewing the production of the practical guideline. This guideline is crucial for navigating the adult learning landscape and ensuring that the challenges faced by digital migrants are adequately addressed.

After a pause for lunch, the afternoon sessions dove into the heart of content creation. Our colleagues from KIST-Consult and AKETH reviewed the production process of webinars and initiated preparations for equipping them with English subtitles, broadening their accessibility.

The day continued with a review of the preparations for the testing phase of both the platform and webinar contents, a step that ensures the effectiveness and user-friendliness of our educational resources.

Dissemination activities were then reported by AKETH and all partners, highlighting the project’s expansive reach and the impact of our collective efforts.

La Bien Pagá closed the sessions with an overview of project management, detailing administrative and financial considerations that underpin the project’s success.

The meeting concluded with our contribution leading the Quality & Evaluation session, emphasizing the importance of maintaining high standards and assessing the day’s progress.

The Trikala meeting was a testament to the dedication and collaboration of all partners, taking pivotal steps towards empowering digital migrants with the skills needed to navigate the digital world with confidence and proficiency.