Sustainable Apprentices Project Update

2nd partner meeting in Lisbon, September 27, 2022

Until this meeting the participants involved in the Sustainable Apprentice project have only been able to meet virtually but have managed to be very productive so far.

The second official partner meeting was entitled „settlement“ with the purpose of reviewing the advancement of the ECVET framework as well as the status of the e-directory. The situation regarding the qualification frameworks in each partner country as well as the existing trainer profiles as well as the training needs were discussed extensively. The consensus is that there appears to be much need for materials in this field of action.

The research efforts about existing projects, good practices, policy papers etc. were equally successful. The targeted amount of research results were overachieved already.

Last but not least INFODEF gave an outlook on the contents to be developed in the next phase of the project. Partners will no start working on the didactical and methodological core descriptions as well as developing the learning units for the b-learning courses.

In case you want to learn more about the possibilities for VET educators and in-company trainers through this project please reach out to us via email.

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